Leatherbarrow Grade 2

Week of June 1

Hello Everyone,

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is the first of June. We hope that everyone had a chance to go outside and make their project for Art from the Heart this weekend. Please send us a picture as soon as possible so we can start our class galleries. We love the ones we have received so far!

This week's home learning activities and weekly newsletter are attached to this email. We have also attached a June calendar for those who are tracking the date and weather. There is a page of questions and a graph for the May calendar included with the June calendar.

Mrs. Brenton's weekly email is below and her newsletter for this week is attached to this email.

We are back at school this week and you can reach us there if you need anything. You can also reach us by email.

Mrs. Boyle & Mrs. Kierstead
Grade 2 Teachers
Dr. A. T. Leatherbarrow Primary School

Hello, Parents & Guardians:

Attached is Week 8 of your child's physical education newsletter. I hope you take a moment to look through - we're collaborating with Hampton Elementary School this week in creating a fitness trail and we need your help! Details are inside!

Next week will be our final week of distance learning, and I am planning a Virtual Field Day in which your child can take part in fun activities. It will be a great kick-off to summer!

Feel free to send pictures of your child participating in ANY physical activities. Have a great week!

Mrs. Brenton

C. Michelle Brenton

Physical Education Teacher

Dr. A. T. Leatherbarrow Primary School